I recently wrote an article for the Virginia Journal of Education (April 2013).  I have copies in the classroom.  If you read the article, show it to your parents, and post a comment on this blog site, I will give you extra credit.
Dr. Denny

Edgar Allan Poe


Post your evaluation of the Poe videos seen in class. 
  1.  Give your evaluation (1-5) of the Tell-Tale Heart video.  How good was the actor?  Did he present the story accurately?  Your thoughts in general of the video prodcution.
2.  The Black Cat video.  Your thoughts and evaluation.  (Use the comment button below to leave your post.  Give your full name and your bell at the end of your post).

Can reading only prepare one for the Holocaust experience?  I don't think so.  But it is a good first step to understanding. 
  Understanding who suffered. 
  Understanding who slept night after night in fear.
  Understanding the senselessness of it all.

But there must be more than reading.
There must be a journey to the Museum.
Dr. Denny

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